Does Suprapubic Stimulation in Infants Facilitate Collection of a Clean Catch Urine Specimen?

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Review of recent evidence with translation to practice for the advanced practice nurse (APN) role is presented using a case study module for “Faster Clean Catch Urine Collection (Quick Wee Method) From Infants: Randomised Controlled Trial.” This prospective study enrolled 344 infants between 1 and 12 months of age seeking care in an emergency department with a complaint that led to the ordering of a clean catch urine specimen. Use of the Quick Wee procedure yielded clean catch urine specimens without the use of an invasive procedure. Variables of interest were time to specimen collection and patient and provider satisfaction with procedure. Study subjects in the intervention group voided spontaneously within 5 min more often than subjects in the usual care group. This study highlights the important role of the APN in ordering clean catch urine specimen collection and avoidance of invasive procedures.

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