Dispersal of fungal spores from three types of air handling system duct material
Publisher's Note
An evaluation of two methods used for microscopic analysis of airborne fungal spore concentrations from the Burkard Spore Trap
Pollen counts statistics and its relevance to precision
A study of Quercus pollen in the Derby area, UK
Occurrence of airborne Cladosporium and Alternaria spores in Southern and Central Poland in 1995–1996
Airborne pollen of Borassus flabellifer
Predictions of carbon monoxide and blood carboxyhemoglobin levels from motor vehicles exhaust emissions
Airborne pollen of Ambrosia in Burgundy (France) 1996–1997
Study of small air ions concentrations versus asthma attacks in the region of Athens-Greece after the Chernobyl disaster
Sixth International Congress on Aerobiology, Perugia-Italy
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