On the interrelationship between outdoor air pollution and respiratory allergy
Mini-review of the concentration variations found in the alfresco atmospheric bacterial populations*
Effects of meteorological parameters and plant distribution on Chenopodiaceae-Amaranthaceae, Quercus and Olea airborne pollen concentrations in the atmosphere of Cartagena (Spain)
Influence of nearby stands of Artemisia on street-level versus roof-top-level ratio's of airborne pollen quantities
Wind tunnel comparison of the collection efficiency of three Hirst-type volumetric sampler drum coatings
A ten year study of the incidence of spores of bracken, (Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn.) in an urban rooftop airstream in south east Scotland
The effects of air pollution on children
Bacterial aerosol emission from wastewater treatment plants
The mapping of stress in the predominant plants in the city of Palermo by lead dosage*
The fluctuations of the allergenic pollen content of the air in Brussels (1982 to 1997)
Variation in pollen concentration of the most allergenic taxa in Poznań (Poland), 1995–1996
Pollen distribution at elevations above 1000 m in Switzerland
Multi-year study of Ganoderma aerobiology
The importance of hornbeam (Carpinus sp.) pollen hypersensitivity in spring allergies
Betulaceae and Corylaceae in Trieste (NE-Italy)
Levels of Ambrosia pollen in the atmospheric spectra of Catalan aerobiological stations
Ragweed plants and airborne pollen in the Baltic states
Ragweed in Australia
New immunodiagnostic system
Bacteria isolated from the rocks supporting prehistoric paintings in two shelters from Sierra de Cazorla, Jaen, Spain
Concentration of airborne pollen of Vitis vinifera L. and yield forecast
The use of image analysis for PM10 characterisation of volumetric air samples taken in Cardiff since 1956
Secondary stress in several edible citrus cultivars caused by heavy metal air pollution
The impact of the botanical gardens on the aeroplankton of the city of Cagliari, Italy
Ragweed (Ambrosia) sensitisation rates correlate with the amount of inhaled airborne pollen. A 14-year study in Vienna, Austria
Allergy to ragweed
Fourth European Course on Basic Aerobiology Cordoba, Spain, 21–26 September 1999
AA2000 4th Advanced Aerobiology Course Mt. Cimone, Italy, 9–15 July 2000 A field course focusing on the atmospheric factors that govern the movement of aerobiota and advanced aerobiological measurement technologies
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