Short profiles of the guest editors
Environmental factors and allergic airway diseases
Gene expression in allergenic pollen
Comparison of two pollen counting methods of slides from a hirst type volumetric trap
Experimental results about Platanus pollen deposition
Frost periods and beginning of the ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) pollen season in Basel (Switzerland)
Pollen viability as a bio-indicator of air quality
Aeromycoflora in the Central Milk Dairy of Calcutta, India
Temporal and geographical variations in grass pollen seasons in areas of western Europe
30 years of studies of grass pollen in Basel (Switzerland)
Comparison of airborne spore concentrations and fungal allergen content
Airborne fungal spores and the thunderstorm of 24 June 1994
A change from grass pollen induced allergy to tree pollen induced allergy
Aerobiology, allergenicity and biochemistry of three pollen types in Berhampore town of West Bengal, India
Evaluation of the effect of some biocides against organisms isolated from historic monuments
Airborne fungal spores in dust present in archives
Airborne microorganisms in a subterranean archaeological area of the basilica of San Lorenzo in Lucina (Rome)
Aerobiological monitoring of the “Sistine Chapel”
Flowering calendar of grasses in Srinagar, Kashmir Himalaya (India)
Airborne allergenic pollens in Padua
Antimicrobial effects of three plants (rubia tinctorum, carthamus tinctorius and juglans regia) on some airborne microorganisms
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