Ambient air levels of Aspergillus fumigatus and thermophilic actinomycetes in a residential neighborhood near a yard-waste composting facility
Procedures for the characterisation of bioaerosol particles. Part II
The importance of combining air sampling and surface analysis when studying problematic houses for mold biodiversity determination
The long-term trends and seasonal variation of the aeroallergen Alternaria in Derby, UK
Airborne fungi monitoring in Santiago, Chile
Airborne pollen data of Platanaceae in Santiago de Compostela (Iberian Peninsula)
Comparison of intradiurnal variation of airborne pollen in Mar del Plata (Argentina). Part I. Non-arboreal pollen
Pollen survey and clinical research in Yunnan, China
A fungal spore calendar for the atmosphere of Melbourne, Australia, for the year 1993
Seasonal variation of fungal propagules in a fruit market environment, Nagpur (India)
An International Distant Learning Program in Aerobiology
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