A correlation study between airborne pollen and cases of pollinosis in humans
Air-borne fungi at Doha, Qatar
Aerobiological behaviour of Platanus L. pollen in Catalonia (North-East Spain)
Development of a semi-automatic system for pollen recognition
Study of airborne pollen composition and allergen spectrum of hay fever patients in South Hungary (1990–1999)
Risk analysis for biological weed control – simulating dispersal of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary ascospores from a pasture after biological control of Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.
Airborne pine (Pinus spp.) pollen in the atmosphere of Perugia (Central Italy)
Airborne pollen calendar of Buca–Izmir, Turkey
Effect of certain socio-ecological factors on the population density of house dust mites in mattress-dust of asthmatic patients of Calcutta, India
Usefulness of using three different culture media for mold recovery in exposure assessment studies
The effects of climate change on the birch pollen season in Denmark
Monitoring pollinosis and airborne pollen in a Rome university
Assessing waste collectors' exposure to bioaerosols
Modelling aerobiological time series. Application to Urticaceae
Scientific Conference in Lublin, Poland regional report
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