Atmospheric microbiology in the northern Caribbean during African dust events
Assessment and modeling of indoor fungal and bacterial bioaerosol concentrations
Quantitative trends in annual totals of five common airborne pollen types (Betula, Quercus, Poaceae, Urtica, and Artemisia), at five pollen-monitoring stations in western Europe
A method to control the spread of allergenic pollen in archaeological and highly frequented areas
Long-term trends and regional variation in the aeroallergen Alternaria in Cardiff and Derby UK – are differences in climate and cereal production having an effect?
Experimental study of indoor and outdoor airborne bacterial concentrations in Tempe, Arizona, USA
Pollen content in the atmosphere of Lugo (NW Spain) with reference to meteorological factors (1999–2001)
Trends in airborne pollen
An Aeropalynological study of the Porto region (Portugal)
Characteristics of grass pollen seasons in areas of southern Spain and the United Kingdom
Pollen spectrum variations in the atmosphere of Cagliari, Italy
Bioaerosol emission from wastewater treatment plants
Biogenesis of oxalate patinas on marble specimens in fungal culture
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