Mastopexy and Mastopexy-Augmentation

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Mastopexy and mastopexy-augmentation are aesthetic breast surgeries that seek to create youthful, beautiful appearing breasts. Age, hormonal changes, or weight loss can lead to alterations that require addressing the skin envelope and breast parenchyma. Many surgical approaches have been described including periareolar, vertical, and Wise pattern techniques, but most modern mastopexies include manipulation of the breast parenchyma to improve the longevity of breast ptosis correction. Mesh support of the ptotic breast is an extension of this paradigm shift and seeks to restore the lost strength of the support structures of the breast. Despite initial controversy, single stage mastopexy-augmentation has been demonstrated to be a safe option for appropriately selected and informed patients who desire both correction of shape and volume. Revisions may still be necessary based on patient and surgeon goals for correction. Evolving technologies will likely continue to enhance the ability of aesthetic plastic surgeons to provide pleasing, durable correction of breast ptosis.

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