Analysis of methods for reporting severe and mortal lipoplasty complications
Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty
Creation of an acellular dermal matrix from frozen skin
Breast augmentation by an umbilical approach
Periareolar reduction mammaplasty utilizing the inferior dermal pedicle
Changes in ocular globe-to-orbital rim position with age
Laser double-eyelid operation
Sex differences in the zygomatic angle in japanese patients analyzed by MRI with reference to moiré fringe patterns
True intraoral reduction malarplasty with a minimally invasive technique
Combined frontal bone reshaping and forehead lift for frontal sinus hypertrophy
Umbilical restoration in abdominal dermolipectomy
Treatment of depressed scars with a dissecting cannula and an autologous fat graft
A new surgical technique for the correction of the inverted nipple
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