New and Forthcoming Electronic Features for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Youth Is the Capacity to Adapt to Change
What Are We Doing and Where Are We Going?
Reduction Mammaplasty and Mastopexy Using the Vertical Scar and Thoracic Wall Flap Technique
Vertical Mastopexy with Expansion Augmentation
Augmentation Mammaplasty of Teardrop-Shaped Breasts Using Round Prostheses
MIDI Face-Lift and Tricuspidal SMAS-Flap
Resection of the Prominent Mandible Angle with Intraoral and External Approach
A Discussion of Resection of the Prominent Mandibular Angle with Intraoral and External Approach, by Y.O. Kim and B.Y. Park
Sociological Aspects of Rhinoplasty
Circular Lipectomy with Lateral Thigh-Buttock Lift
Forehead Lifting
Absorbable Screws in Endoscope-Assisted Forehead Lifting
Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty
Molding the Ears After Anterior Scoring and Concha Repositioning