Circumvertical Reduction Mastoplasty
Anatomic Asymmetric Prostheses
Comparative Analysis of Bupivacaine and Ropivacaine for Infiltration Analgesia for Bilateral Breast Surgery
Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans of the Breast
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The Employment of Bone Wax as a Template in the Reconstruction of Nasal Dorsum Defects
Unexpected Bleeding Caused by Arterial Variation Inferolateral to Levater Palpebrae
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Resurfacing of Pitted Facial Acne Scars Using Er:YAG Laser with Ablation and Coagulation Mode
Submuscular Calf Implants
Natural-Looking Umbilicus as an Important Part of Abdominoplasty
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New and Forthcoming Electronic Features for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery