Aesthetic Surgery and Its Future
Structural Aging
The Face Recurve Concept
The Face Recurve Concept
Thigh and Buttock Lift After Massive Weight Loss
Relative Implant Volume and Sensibility Alterations After Breast Augmentation
Correction of Gynecomastia Through a Single Puncture Incision
A Surgical Algorithm Using Open Rhinoplasty for Correction of Traumatic Twisted Nose
Comparison of Power Water - Assisted and Traditional Liposuction
Long-Lasting Evolution of Ptosis Control After Reduction Mammaplasty Using the Hammock Technique
Shortscar Face-Lift with the RoundBlock SMAS Treatment
Transconjunctival Levator Aponeurotic Repair Without Resection of Müller's Muscle
Engineering of Adipose Tissue by Injection of Human Preadipocytes in Fibrin
Vertical Scar Mammaplasty in Gigantomastia
Patient-Controlled Expansion
Turn-in Folding of the Cephalic Portion of the Lateral Crus to Support the Alar Rim in Rhinoplasty