Plastic Surgery
Balanced Rhinoplasty in an Oriental Population
Balanced Rhinoplasty in an Oriental Population
Controlling Nasal Length with Extended Spreader Grafts
Endoscopically Assisted Buttocks Augmentation
Use of the Pitanguy Large Flap Demarcator in Thigh Dermolipectomy with a Medioanterior Scar Extension
Modified Mini-Abdominoplasty
Day Case Breast Augmentation Under Paravertebral Blockade
Effect of Slow-Release 5-Fluorouracil on Capsule Formation Around Silicone Breast Implants
Lower Lid Blepharoplasty
Dermabrasion for Rhytids in the Lateral Canthal Region
Scar Tissue Graft as a Filler for Soft Tissue Augmentation
Prospective Study Comparing Two Brands of Cohesive Gel Breast Implants with Anatomic Shape
Dimethylaminoethanol Affects the Viability of Human Cultured Fibroblasts
Histologic and Ultrastructural Evaluation of Sutures Used for Surgical Fixation of the SMAS
Static Treatment of Paralytic Lagophthalmos with Autogenous Tissues
Changes in the Masseter Muscle After Curved Osteotomy of the Prominent Mandibular Angle
Postoperative Satisfaction and the Patient's Body Image, Life Satisfaction, and Self-Esteem
Psychological Features in a German Sample of Female Cosmetic Surgery Candidates
Subtotal Ear Reconstruction for Correction of Type 3 Constricted Ear
Structural Aging
A Surgical Algorithm Using Open Rhinoplasty for Correction of Traumatic Twisted Nose
Definite Size of the Augmented Breast Could Be Up to a Breast Cup Smaller Than the Early Postoperative Size