Statements on the Safety of Permanent Soft Tissue Fillers in Europe
Clinical Efficacy of Noninvasive Cryolipolysis and Its Effects on Peripheral Nerves
Breast Reconstruction
3D Stereophotogrammetry Quantitative Lip Analysis
Calf Implants
Quality of Life in the Surgical Treatment of Gynecomastia
Combined Fascial Flap and Expanded Skin Flap for Enveloping Medpor Framework in Microtia Reconstruction
Double Opposing-Rhomboid Flaps for Closure of a Circular Facial Defect in a Special Position
Posterior Auricular Muscle Flap as an Adjunct To Otoplasty
Multimodality Scar Management Program
Injectable Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Correction of Nasal Bridge Deformities
Eccentric Mastectomy and Zigzag Periareolar Incision for Gynecomastia
Effect of Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases and Matrix Metalloproteinases on Capsular Formation Around Smooth and Textured Silicone Gel Implants
Breast Cancer Following Augmentation Mammaplasty with Polyacrylamide Hydrogel (PAAG) Injection
Effect of Verapamil on Reduction of Peri-implant Capsular Thickness
Multistage Correction of Blepharophimosis
Botulinum Toxin Injection in Long-Standing Facial Paralysis Patients
Breast Augmentation in Asymmetrically Placed Nipple-Areola Complex in the Horizontal Axis
A New Procedure for Treating a Sebaceous Cyst
The Bilobed Flap for Reconstruction of Distal Nasal Defect in Asians
Correction of Acquired Synmastia with Muscle-Splitting Biplane Implant Replacement
A False-Positive Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography (FDG-PET) Imaging Result for a Patient After Augmentation Mammaplasty
Composite Body Contouring
Alar Batten Cartilage Graft
Digital Imaging in Rhinoplasty
Endovascular Treatment of Arteriovenous Malformation
Aesthetic Pubic Reconstruction After Electrical Burn Using a Portion of Hair-Bearing Expanded Free-Forehead Flap
Lacrimal Gland Prolapse
Duration of Correction for Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Lipoatrophy After Retreatment with Injectable Poly-L-Lactic Acid
Dermolipectomy of the Thighs and Buttocks to Solve a Massive Silicone Oil Injection
Correction of Septal and Midface Hypoplasia in Maxillonasal Dysplasia (Binder's Syndrome) Using High-Density Porous Polyethylene
Surgical and Laser Treatment of Sturge-Weber Syndrome
A Case of Late Unilateral Hematoma and Subsequent Late Seroma of the Breast After Bilateral Breast Augmentation
Suction-Assisted Lipectomy for Treatment of Lower-Extremity Lymphedema
A Different Approach to the Reconstruction of the Stubborn Crooked Nose with a Different Spreader Graft
Additional and Different Application of the Bilobed Flap
New and Detailed Classification of Saddle Nose Deformities
The Use of Metatarsal Bone Grafts in the Treatment of Saddle Nose Deformities