Generative Surgery of Cultured Autologous Auricular Chondrocytes for Nasal Augmentation
The Importance of Maintaining the Structural Integrity of the Lateral Crus in Tip Rhinoplasty
Removal of Accessory Breasts
Quick Septoplasty
The New Face of Transplant Surgery
The New Face of Transplant Surgery
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Transumbilical Approach for Pseudogynecomastia Liposuction
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“Coagulum Suction”
Correction of Recurrent Grade III Inverted Nipple with Antenna Dermoadipose Flap
A Custom-Made Silicon Mold for Pressure Therapy to Ear Keloids
Erratum to
Abdominal Fascial Flaps for Providing Total Implant Coverage in One-Stage Breast Reconstruction
Labia Majora Hypertrophy
Regarding the Remote-Knot Technique
Intradermal Double-Layer Closure with Suture Knot Contained Within Incision