Treatment of Iatrogenic Abdominal Contour Irregularities
A Simple Surgical Technique for Correction of Macrotia with Poorly Defined Helical Fold
Laser-Assisted Cartilage Reshaping (LACR) for Treating Ear Protrusions
Periorbital Rejuvenation
Mesotherapy for Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis
Treatment of Upper- and Lower-Extremity Vitiligo with Epidermal Grafts After CO2 Laser Resurfacing with Systemic and Topical Steroids
Upper-Lip Augmentation by Graft of Preseptal Orbicularis Oculi Muscle Through Blepharoplasty
The Application of Rapid Prototyping Technique in Chin Augmentation
Using Liposuction for Late Complication of Trachinus draco Envenomation
Histopathological and Electrophysiological Study of CO2, Er:YAG, and CO2 + Er:YAG Laser Effect on Peripheral Nerve
Soft Tissue Diagnosis in Maxillofacial Surgery
A New Postoperative Otoplasty Dressing Technique Using Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesives
Percutaneous Electrothrombosis
Lipomodeling of Poland's Syndrome
Management of Upper Abdominal Laxity After Massive Weight Loss
Preoperative Digital Three-Dimensional Planning for Rhinoplasty
Carbon Dioxide Therapy in the Treatment of Cellulite
Applied Anatomy of the Nasal Lower Lateral Cartilage
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