The Graf/Biggs Flap to Increase Upper Pole Projection in Breast Reductions with Free Nipple Grafts
Secondary Breast Augmentation
Temporal Augmentation Using a Polytetrafluoroethylene Implant With the Assistance of an Endoscope
Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Implants After Skin-Sparing Mastectomy
Key Points in Mastopexy
Myofibroblasts and Capsular Tissue Tension in Breast Capsular Contracture
Surgical Management of Binder's Syndrome
Surgical Management of Binder Syndrome
Surgical Correction of Aesthetically Deformed Eyebrows Using Local Transposition Flaps
Reduction Mammaplasty Using Bipedicled Dermoglandular Flaps and Free-Nipple Transplantation
Lateral Brow Lift
Surgery Facilities Resources, Inc./AAAASFI Expands International Accreditation into New Markets
Preventing the “Bottoming Out” and “Star-gazing” Phenomena in Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction with an Acellular Dermal Matrix Internal Brassiere
Preventing the “Bottoming out and Star-gazing” Phenomenon in Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction with an Acellular Dermal Matrix Internal Brassiere
Easy Method for Reduction of Nipple Height
The High-Superior-Tension Technique
Ischemia of Postmastectomy Skin After Infiltration of Local Anesthetic with Epinephrine
Experience Using the Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap in Axillary Hidradentitis Suppurativa Cases
A Painless Technique for Closing Defects after Drain Removal
Impaired Wound Healing and Bilateral Mastectomy Flap Necrosis in a Patient With Locally Advanced Breast Cancer After Neoadjuvant Paclitaxel With Bevacizumab
Your Index Finger Is Your Measure!
Attractive Composite Faces of Different Races
Abstracts from “The Best of Europe,” Aachen, Germany, 2010
Abstracts from the “Best of Europe” Session of the 10th Spring Academy of the Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (VDAEPC) in Cooperation with the German Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (DGAEPC) integrating the 3rd Congress of the European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (EASAPS)