Crossroad between camel bites and crocodile bites
Infectious diseases and chronic care in Africa
Prevalence of hepatitis B and C and relationship to liver damage in HIV infected patients attending Joint Clinical Research Centre Clinic (JCRC), Kampala, Uganda
Hepatitis B and HIV co-infection is still treated using lamivudine-only antiretroviral therapy combination in Uganda
A non-specific biomarker of disease activity in HIV/AIDS patients from resource-limited environments
Factors affecting disclosure of serostatus to children attending Jinja Hospital Paediatric HIV clinic, Uganda
A retrospective evaluation of critically ill patients infected with H1N1 influenza A virus in Bursa, Turkey, during the 2009–2010 pandemic
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Response of patent medicine vendors in rural areas of Lagos state Nigeria to antimalarial policy change
Adolescent low back pain among secondary school students in Ibadan, Nigeria
A report from the first regional pain medicine symposia in East, Central and Southern African region. (ECSA-R)-“The Rhino Model in Pain Education in Africa”
Musculoskeletal disorders among first-year Ghanaian students in a nursing college
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Overcrowding of accident & emergency units
A randomized controlled trial comparing haemodynamic stability in elderly patients undergoing spinal anaesthesia at L5, S1 versus spinal anaesthesia at L3, 4 at a tertiary African hospital
Epidemiology of road traffic crashes among long distance drivers in Ibadan, Nigeria
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Pattern & presentation of colorectal cancer in central Sudan, a retrospective descriptive study, 2010–2012
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Drug-drug interation prediction between ketoconazole and anti-liver cancer drug Gomisin G
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The protective effects of aqueous extract of Carica papaya seeds in paracetamol induced nephrotoxicity in male wistar rats
Comparative study on the effects of aqueous extracts of viscum album (mistletoe) from three host plants on hematological parameters in albino rats
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Eriobotrya japonica leaves extracts
Assessment of subjective sleep quality in iron deficiency anaemia
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