Journals of geriatric medicine and gerontology.
Popliteal aneurysm
Intermittent compression for the treatment of the oedematous hand in hemiplegic stroke
Symptoms reported by elderly patients with isolated systolic hypertension
Blood pressure rhythm and prevalence of vascular events in hypertensive subjects.
Total and functional hepatic blood flow decrease in parallel with ageing.
Use of the GDS-15 geriatric depression scale as a screening instrument for depressive symptomatology in patients with Parkinson's disease and their carers in the community.
The detection of dementia and cognitive impairment in a community population of elderly people with Parkinson's disease by use of the CAMCOG neuropsychological test.
Nursing home characteristics and the development of pressure sores and disruptive behaviour.
A survey of attitudes and knowledge of geriatricians to driving in elderly patients.
The effects of age and alcohol intoxication on simulated driving performance, awareness and self-restraint.
A national survey of health-service use in Thai elders.
Cardioversion for atrial fibrillation
Improving the emergency medical treatment of older nursing-home residents.
Are new medical students interested in the introduction of public long-term care insurance in Japan?