Malnutrition research
The initial drug treatment of older patients with Parkinson's disease – consider an agonist, but don't demonise dopa
The new imperative of long-term care
Experience assessment and management of pain in people with dementia
A new classification of higher level gait disorders in patients with cerebral multi-infarct states
Medical conditions as risk factors for pressure ulcers in an outpatient setting
Long-standing and limiting long-standing illness in older people
Dietary selenium intake affects cardiac susceptibility to ischaemia/reperfusion in male senescent rats
Identification of registered nursing care of residents in English nursing homes using the Minimum Data Set Resident Assessment Instrument (MDS/RAI) and Resource Utilisation Groups version III (RUG-III)
Developing the KAMA instrument (knowledge and management of abuse)
Using prescribing indicators to measure the quality of prescribing to elderly medical in-patients*
Acquisition and short-term retention of inhaler techniques require intact executive function in elderly subjects
Health status and assessed need for a cohort of older people admitted to nursing and residential homes
An evaluation of footwear worn at the time of fall-related hip fracture
Identifying a cut-off point for normal mobility
Prevention of malnutrition in older people during and after hospitalisation
Impact of age on QT interval and QT dispersion in healthy subjects
Nursing home closures
Characteristics of early fallers on elderly patient rehabilitation wards
Performance indicators for hospital services for older people
Defecography in symptomatic older women living at home
A difficult case of inflammatory myositis
Newly diagnosed HIV infection in an octogenarian
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False positive findings in the ultrasound assessment of postvoid residual urine volume
Hospital readmission for elderly patients
Reliability of blood pressure measurements for orthostatic hypotension
Photodynamic therapy in age-related macular degeneration
Clinical assessment of symptomatic osteoarthritis in older people
Long waiting list for by-pass surgery
An audit of outcomes in day hospital-based crisis intervention
Randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led falls prevention programme
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