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Geriatric medicine in Sweden: a study of the organisation, staffing and care production in 2000–2001
Leg extensor power, cognition, and functional performance in independent and marginally dependent older adults
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Comorbid type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension exacerbates cognitive decline: evidence from a longitudinal study
Effects of introducing an integrated care pathway in an acute stroke unit
Fear-related avoidance of activities, falls and physical frailty. A prospective community-based cohort study
Understanding why older people participate in clinical trials: the experience of the Scottish PROSPER participants
Loss of partner and suicide risks among oldest old: a population-based register study
A randomised controlled trial of a care home rehabilitation service to reduce long-term institutionalisation for elderly people
Using targeted risk factor reduction to prevent falls in older in-patients: a randomised controlled trial
Unmet treatment needs of older prisoners: a primary care survey
Institutional falls: quality not quantity
Acceptability of fall prevention measures for hospital inpatients
Helicobacter pylori infection and the risk of gastro-duodenal damage in symptomatic elderly chronic low-dose aspirin users: effect of antisecretory drugs
Ciprofloxacin-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) in a nonagerian: a case report
BIPP madness; an iatrogenic cause of acute confusion*
Cognitive decline with chronic meningitis secondary to a COX-2 inhibitor
Resolution of macroprolactinoma-induced symptomatic hydrocephalus following cabergoline therapy
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The dilemma of disclosing the diagnosis to an adult with dementia
The dilemma of disclosing the diagnosis to an adult with dementia
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