Why involve older people in research?
Evaluating the impact of the National Service Framework for Older People; qualitative science or populist propaganda?
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Increased visceral adipose tissue rather than BMI as a risk factor for dementia
Involving older people in health research
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HDL-cholesterol and physical performance: results from the ageing and longevity study in the sirente geographic area (ilSIRENTE Study)
Age-related increases in DNA repair and antioxidant protection: A comparison of the Boyd Orr Cohort of elderly subjects with a younger population sample
Is the degree of cognitive impairment in patients with Alzheimer's disease related to their capacity to appoint an enduring power of attorney?
Application of the voluntary step execution test to identify elderly fallers
Risk factors for insufficient perioperative oral nutrition after hip fracture surgery within a multi-modal rehabilitation programme
Cross-cultural validation of the London Handicap Scale and comparison of handicap perception between Chinese and UK populations
Proxy screening tools improve the recognition of dementia in old-age homes: results of a validation study
Sit-to-stand as home exercise for mobility-limited adults over 80 years of age—GrandStand System™ may keep you standing?
Prevalence and symptomatology of depression in older people living in institutions in England and Wales
Making decisions about simple interventions: older people's use of walking aids
Vitamin D supplementation to prevent infections: a sub-study of a randomised placebo-controlled trial in older people (RECORD trial, ISRCTN 51647438)
Routine thrombolysis with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator in acute ischaemic stroke patients aged 80 years or older: a single centre experience
Sharing confidential information of cognitively intact older patients: what do patients think? An exploratory study
Prescription of paracetamol-containing medications as indicator of quality of prescribing
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Crohn's disease initially diagnosed after age 60 years
Post-acute transfer of older people to intermediate care services: the sooner the better?
Colonic stenting: an alternative to surgery in the elderly
Enterobacter sakazakii bacteraemia with multiple splenic abscesses in a 75-year-old woman: a case report
A cautionary tale: delayed onset rhabdomyolysis due to erythromycin/simvastatin interaction
Disequilibrium due to a vitamin B6 megadose supplement
Stroke outcomes: depend on time, place and person
Comment on the WASPO study
Comment on the WASPO study
Standards in dementia care
Standards in dementia care
Intermediate and Continuing Care Policy and Practice
The Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction. 4th Edition
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