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Emergency room geriatric assessment—urgent, important or both?
The geriatric day hospital: past, present and future
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The reliability and predictive accuracy of the falls risk for older people in the community assessment (FROP-Com) tool
Heritability of neurocognitive functioning in the elderly: evidence from an Italian twin study
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Vascular compliance is reduced in vascular dementia and not in Alzheimer's disease
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Responsiveness of the Duke Social Support sub-scales in older women
STOPP (Screening Tool of Older Persons' potentially inappropriate Prescriptions): application to acutely ill elderly patients and comparison with Beers' criteria
Attenuated peripheral vasoconstriction during an orthostatic challenge in older men
Cognitive function and psychological well-being: findings from a population-based cohort
Does depression predict adverse outcomes for older medical inpatients? A prospective cohort study of individuals screened for a trial*
Review of a rapid geriatric medical assessment model based in emergency department
Age and opioid analgesia in an acute hospital population
Should elderly patients be screened for their ‘falls risk’? Validity of the STRATIFY falls screening tool and predictors of falls in a large acute hospital
Exploring reasons for variation in urinary catheterisation prevalence in care homes: a qualitative study
Bronchoscopy in octogenarians
The efficacy of pre-thickened fluids on total fluid and nutrient consumption among extended care residents requiring thickened fluids due to risk of aspiration
Age, comorbidity, treatment decision and prognosis in lung cancer
Late onset dopa-responsive dystonia with tremor, gait freezing and behavioural disturbance and a normal dopamine transporter scan
Pisa syndrome in an elderly elite mountain walker: an exceptional mode of presentation of extrapyramidal disease
Detecting of chronic kidney disease in older people by the MDRD and MCQ formulas
Trends in hospital inpatient episodes for signs, symptoms and ill-defined conditions
Trends in hospital inpatient episodes for signs, symptoms and ill-defined conditions
Stroke in the very old: clinical presentations and outcomes
Stroke in the very old: clinical presentations and outcomes
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Measurement Scales used in Elderly Care
Biblical Perspectives on Aging: God and the Elderly