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The age of osteoarthritis
Human and economic burden of stroke
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Mobility training after hip fracture: a randomised controlled trial
Advance end-of-life healthcare planning in an acute NHS hospital setting; development and evaluation of the Expression of Healthcare Preferences (EHP) document
A preliminary study of the safety, feasibility and cognitive efficacy of soy isoflavone supplements in older men and women
A longitudinal analysis of older Australian women's consultations with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners, 1996–2005
Temporal relationship between influenza infections and subsequent first-ever stroke incidence
The prevalence and characteristic of patients with ‘acopia’
Use of drugs with anticholinegic effects and cognitive impairment in community-living older persons
Practicality, validity and sensitivity to change of fear of falling self-report in hospitalised elderly—a comparison of four instruments
Associations and consequences of hypophosphataemia in older hospitalised women
Characterising frailty in the clinical setting—a comparison of different approaches
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Relationship between serum preheparin lipoprotein lipase mass, plasma glucose and metabolic syndrome in older subjects
A fractured approach to care home residents
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Jed Rowe—We lost one of our own
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The effect of bedrails on falls and injury
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