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Adverse drug reactions in elderly
Hip fracture and heart attack—a lethal combination
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Typeface legibility of patient information leaflets intended for community-dwelling seniors
Effects of whole body vibration training on cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength in older individuals (a 1-year randomised controlled trial)
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PCI in octogenarians—our centre ‘real world’ experience
Postoperative myocardial damages after hip fracture repair are frequent and associated with a poor cardiac outcome
‘Attended alone’ sign
Incidence and risk factors associated with hip fracture in institutionalised elderly people in Japan
The right scan at the right time
Unusual evolution of a non-hacek Gram-negative endocarditis in a patient with Turner syndrome
The rapid development of hyponatraemia and seizures in an elderly patient following sodium picosulfate/magnesium citrate (Picolax)
An extraordinary finding—accidental diagnosis of complete pulmonary aplasia in a 90-year-old lady
Postoperative myocardial damages are a key issue in patients' outcome after hip fracture
Postoperative myocardial damages are a key issue in patients' outcome after hip fracture
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Depression and hospital outcome
Depression and hospital outcome
Acopia—unable to cope or to copy?
Acopia—unable to cope or to copy?
Mental health issues of older women
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