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The metabolic syndrome in older persons
Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea (CDAD)
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Review of the evidence for a colorectal cancer screening programme in elderly people
Gait speed under varied challenges and cognitive decline in older persons
Age, invasive ventilatory support and outcomes in elderly patients admitted to intensive care units
Sociodemographic and lifestyle risk factors for incident dementia and cognitive decline in the HYVET*
Predictors of mortality among a national sample of elderly widowed people
Continued work employment and volunteerism and mental well-being of older adults
A comparison of four tests of cognition as predictors of inability to perform spirometry in old age
The effect on caregiver burden of a problem-based home visiting programme for frail older people
The threshold for sensing airflow resistance during tidal breathing rises in old age
Older men with higher self-rated socioeconomic status have shorter telomeres
Understanding barriers to delirium care
Muscle volume compared to cross-sectional area is more appropriate for evaluating muscle strength in young and elderly individuals
Repeat falls and the recovery of social participation in the year post-hip fracture
Structured re-assessment system at 6 months after a disabling stroke
Outcomes in older patients after surgical treatment for hip fracture
Hyperglycaemia in acute ischaemic stroke is associated with an increased 5-year mortality
Current patterns of diet in community-dwelling older men and women
Predicting the risk of functional decline in older patients admitted to the hospital
Inter-rater reliability of STOPP (Screening Tool of Older Persons' Prescriptions) and START (Screening Tool to Alert doctors to Right Treatment) criteria amongst physicians in six European countries
Vitamin D supplementation and type 2 diabetes
Impact of different diagnostic thresholds and the anaemia–ferritin–transferrin receptor model on the prevalence of anaemia and impaired iron status in older people
Ten year trends in health inequalities among older people, 1993–2003
The place of death in Parkinson's disease
Survival and functional outcome in patients 90 years of age or older after hip fracture
Pseudoperipheral palsy due to cortical infarction
Spontaneous femoral shaft fracture after long-term alendronate
Unilateral breast oedema in a case of non-rheumatic giant left atrium
Pseudomonas arthropathy in an older patient
Visual impairment following stroke
Visual impairment following stroke
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Letter to the Editor
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Letter to the Editor
Inability to complete cognitive assessment is a marker of adverse risk
Inability to complete cognitive assessment is a marker of adverse risk
The easy guide to OSCEs for specialties
The biology of human longevity
Interpretation of emergency head CT