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Next Steps for Falls and Fracture Reduction
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Retinal drusen
The accuracy of plasma natriuretic peptide levels for diagnosis of cardiac dysfunction and chronic heart failure in community-dwelling elderly
Recovery in instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs)
Cognitive performance in community-dwelling English- and Spanish-speaking seniors
Bone and mineral metabolism in older adults with Parkinson's disease
Results of carotid sinus massage in a tertiary referral unit—is carotid sinus syndrome still relevant?
Gender differences and cognitive aspects on functional outcome after hip fracture—a 2 years' follow-up of 2,134 patients
C-reactive protein, severity of pneumonia and mortality in elderly, hospitalised patients with community-acquired pneumonia
Modified diet in renal disease method overestimates renal function in selected elderly patients*
Perceptions of active ageing in Britain
A Census-based longitudinal study of variations in survival amongst residents of nursing and residential homes in Northern Ireland
Impedance cardiography
Community-based intervention to optimise falls risk management
Do self-reported ‘integrated’ continence services provide high-quality continence care?
Charlson Comorbidity Index does not predict long-term mortality in elderly subjects with chronic heart failure
Association between age and the initiation of antihypertensive, lipid lowering and antiplateletet medications in elderly individuals newly treated with antidiabetic drugs
Gait variability in younger and older adult women is altered by overground walking protocol
Assessment of functional status and quality of life after percutaneous coronary revascularisation in octogenarians
Quality of life of elderly people on warfarin for atrial fibrillation
Improving pain management in elderly patients with dementia
Outdoor and indoor falls as predictors of mobility limitation in older women
Delirium and long haul travel
Warfarin can be safe and effective in the extreme elderly
Warfarin can be safe and effective in the extreme elderly
Dispelling myths regarding the safety of ‘bronchoscopy in octogenerians’
Re: Jenni Burt, Rosalind Raine. The effect of age on referral to and use of specialist palliative care services in adult cancer patients
Non-pharmacological prevention of delirium
National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke (Third Edition)
Integrated Management of Depression in the Elderly
Dementia Care