Editor's view
New horizons in care home medicine
Now that we have a definition for physical frailty, what shape should frailty medicine take?
The frailty phenotype and the frailty index
Do people with dementia die at their preferred location of death? A systematic literature review and narrative synthesis
Drug cessation in complex older adults
Education associated with a delayed onset of terminal decline
Predicting participation restriction in community-dwelling older men
Peripheral vestibular dysfunction is prevalent in older adults experiencing multiple non-syncopal falls versus age-matched non-fallers
Inappropriate prescribing in older fallers presenting to an Irish emergency department
The predictive value of self-rated health in the presence of subjective memory complaints on permanent nursing home placement in elderly primary care patients over 4-year follow-up
Assessment of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders in the very old
Sensorimotor and psychosocial determinants of 3-year incident mobility disability in middle-aged and older adults
Impairments in hearing and vision impact on mortality in older people
Which factors are associated with fear of falling in community-dwelling older people?
Intra-individual reaction time variability and all-cause mortality over 17 years
Comparison of effects between home visits with telephone calls and telephone calls only for transitional discharge support
Health status of UK care home residents
Association of stressful life events with incident falls and fractures in older men
A controlled evaluation of comprehensive geriatric assessment in the emergency department
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Clinician's view
The impact of a new emergency admission avoidance system for older people on length of stay and same-day discharges
Predicting outcome after hip fracture
The risk of adverse outcomes in hospitalized older patients in relation to a frailty index based on a comprehensive geriatric assessment
Oral health in older patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia
Prevalence of chronic illnesses and characteristics of chronically ill informal caregivers of persons with dementia
Specialty experience in geriatric medicine is associated with a small increase in knowledge of delirium
A rare case of complete bilateral ophthalmoplegia and ptosis
Health and care in ageing societies