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Fit for purpose? Dementia and the healthcare professions
Screening for dementia and other causes of cognitive impairment in general hospital in-patients
Measuring and defining orthostatic hypotension in the older person
The demise of the Liverpool Care Pathway
Pharmacist-led interventions to reduce unplanned admissions for older people
Effectiveness and feasibility of virtual reality and gaming system use at home by older adults for enabling physical activity to improve health-related domains
Effect of music-based multitask training on cognition and mood in older adults
Screening for depression in Parkinson's disease
A longitudinal study of knee pain in older men
Shorter telomere length is linked to brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensities
Predicting functional decline in older patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Cross-national disparities in sex differences in life expectancy with and without frailty
Secular changes in at-risk drinking in Sweden
Epidemiology of lifetime fracture prevalence in England
Grip strength and its determinants among older people in different healthcare settings
REFINE (REducing Falls in In-patieNt Elderly) using bed and bedside chair pressure sensors linked to radio-pagers in acute hospital care
Delay between symptom onset and clinic attendance following TIA and minor stroke
The incidence of Parkinson's disease in the North-East of England
Experience and opinions on post-graduate dementia training in the UK
A prospective cohort study of prognostic factors for the healing of heel pressure ulcers
Macular pigment optical density is related to cognitive function in older people
Short-term changes in body composition after surgical repair of hip fracture
The relationship between health-related quality of life, obesity and testosterone levels in older men
A Stroop Stepping Test (SST) using low-cost computer game technology discriminates between older fallers and non-fallers
C-reactive protein, APOE genotype and longitudinal cognitive change in an older population
UK medical teaching about ageing is improving but there is still work to be done