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Predicting speed at traffic lights—the problem with static assessments of frailty
The second national audit of intermediate care
The challenges of human population ageing
New horizons in testosterone and the ageing male
Preventing delirium
Cognitive motor interference for preventing falls in older adults
STOPP/START criteria for potentially inappropriate prescribing in older people
Total anticholinergic burden and risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease over 10 years in 21,636 middle-aged and older men and women of EPIC-Norfolk prospective population study
Functional status and co-morbidities are associated with in-hospital mortality among older patients with acute decompensated heart failure
Pharmacotherapy and mortality in atrial fibrillation—a cohort of men and women 75 years or older in Sweden
Optimal screening for increased risk for adverse outcomes in hospitalised older adults
An innovative solid oral nutritional supplement to fight weight loss and anorexia
Individuals with neurological diseases are at increased risk of fractures within 180 days of admission to long-term care in Ontario
Admission for osteoporotic pelvic fractures and predictors of length of hospital stay, mortality and loss of independence
Objectively assessed physical activity and lower limb function and prospective associations with mortality and newly diagnosed disease in UK older adults
Factors associated with grip strength decline in older adults
Incident disability in older adults
Recent syncope and unexplained falls are associated with poor cognitive performance
Changes in gait performance over several years are associated with recurrent falls status in community-dwelling older women at high risk of fracture
The predictive value of gait speed and maximum step length for falling in community-dwelling older persons
Baby boomer caregiver and dementia caregiving
APOE and mild cognitive impairment
Neuropathy in elderly
Defining ‘recovery’ for delirium research
Single screening questions for cognitive impairment in older people
The validation of a care partner-derived frailty index based upon comprehensive geriatric assessment (CP-FI-CGA) in emergency medical services and geriatric ambulatory care
Older inpatients' room preference
Performance of the European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People algorithm in screening older adults for muscle mass assessment
Therapeutic use of compression stockings for orthostatic hypotension
Issues concerning sarcopenia in ageing adults
A diagnosis for £55