Developing microsatellite markers from cDNA: a tool for adding expressed sequence tags to the genetic linkage map of the chicken

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A chicken embryonic cDNA library was screened with a (TG)13 probe in order to develop polymorphic microsatellite markers. The redundancy of the embryonic cDNA library with a chicken brain cDNA library, which was used for microsatellite development in a previous study, was extremely high. Of the 300 (TG)13 positive clones, only 80 were unique for the embryonic cDNA library. Still, nine expressed sequences derived from the embryonic cDNA library were mapped in the Wageningen (WAU) resource population. In addition seven microsatellite markers from the chicken brain cDNA library, which were monomorphic or unlinked in the two international reference families in the previous study, were also mapped in the WAU population. Three of the 16 mapped chicken expressed sequence tags (ESTs) showed relatively high percentages of sequence similarity to sequences found in other species. As two of these genes, RAB6 and ZFX/ZFY, have been mapped in humans, they contribute to the comparative map of the chicken.

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