Characterization of FSH-regulated genes isolated by mRNA differential display from pig ovarian granulosa cells

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The present authors have isolated FSH-regulated genes from primary granulosa cell cultures with or without Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) treatment using mRNA differential display. mRNA differential display consists of amplification of partial sequences of cDNAs (150-400 bp) corresponding to 3′ ends of cellular messenger RNAs, and thus, generates 3′ expressed sequence tags (3′ ESTs). Five thousand cDNA bands were examined, among which the present authors have isolated and sequenced 16 different FSH-regulated products. These sequences were compared with those available in databases. Three of the sequences showed similarity to identified genes from other species (bovine NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4, Xenopus chromosome sequence-associated polypeptide E and transformation-sensitive protein IEF SSP) and four others with human ESTs. Regulation of the corresponding genes has been checked by RT-PCR since most of these are expressed at a low level. FSH-regulation was confirmed for 12 mRNAs (four down- and eight up-regulated). The present authors have also mapped 12 of these ESTs on porcine chromosomes regions using a somatic cell hybrid panel.

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