A QTL affecting milk yield and composition maps to bovine chromosome 20: a confirmation

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As part of a whole genome scan undertaken to detect quantitative trait loci (QTL) affecting milk yield and composition, we have genotyped a granddaughter design comprising 1152 sons for six microsatellite markers spanning bovine chromosome 20. An analysis performed across families provided strong evidence (experiment-wise P-values < 0.01) for the presence of a QTL affecting primarily protein percentage towards the telomeric end of the chromosome. A founder sire, shown in a previous study to segregate for a similar QTL in the corresponding chromosome region, was characterized by 29 and 57 sons and maternal grandsons, respectively, in the present design. Sorting corresponding sons and grandsons by paternal or grandpaternal allele provided significant evidence for the segregation of a QTL on chromosome 20. Altogether these results confirm the location of a QTL affecting milk production on bovine chromosome 20.

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