Novel polymorphisms in ovine prion protein gene

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The aim of this study was to identify the PRNP polymorphisms outside the standard codons 136, 154 and 171 in 1110 sheep with no clinical sign of scrapie from all 18 Turkish native sheep breeds and compare our results with published data on ovine PRNP polymorphism from other regions of the world. Among the 22 amino acid polymorphisms and three silent mutations, 10 were novel for ovine PRNP: p.Gly94Gly, p.Leu128Ile, p.Met132Leu, p.Ser135Arg, p.Met137Val, p.Asn146Lys, p.Arg159Arg, p.Tyr160Asn, p.Gln163His and p.Thr193Ser. These data reveal that sheep breeds close to the historic center of small ruminant domestication have remained highly diverse in the prion gene locus, with distinctive genetic similarities to both Asian and European sheep breeds.

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