From a Conceptual Framework for Agents and Objects to a Multi-Agent System Modeling Language

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In this paper we propose a multi-agent system modeling language (MAS-ML) that extends UML (Unified Modeling Language) based on structural and dynamic properties presented in a conceptual framework (metamodel) called Taming Agents and Objects (TAO). Our focus is the adaptation according to TAO concepts of the static Class diagram and the interaction Sequence diagram proposed by UML. These two diagrams have been chosen because they are the most commonly used and because it is possible to use them to illustrate both the structural and dynamic aspects of TAO metamodel. We propose a conservative extension of the UML metamodel, which includes agent-related notions that are part of the TAO conceptual framework while preserving all object-related concepts, which constitute the UML metamodel. The main difference between our approach and the others presented in the literature is the clear definition and representation of the elements that compose MASs and their corresponding behavior. In order to extend UML with TAO non-object concepts, it is not possible to use only the three basic extensions mechanisms provided by UML and new metaclasses and stereotypes have been created and associated with the UML metamodel.

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