Aging and cancer cell biology, 2007
Role of calcium in normal aging and neurodegeneration
The importance of being subtle
Changes in the structural complexity of the aged brain
Age-dependent changes in Ca2+ homeostasis in peripheral neurones
Calcium buffering systems and calcium signaling in aged rat basal forebrain neurons
Expansion of the calcium hypothesis of brain aging and Alzheimer's disease
Calcium homeostasis and modulation of synaptic plasticity in the aged brain
Alterations in intrinsic neuronal excitability during normal aging
Calcium and neurodegeneration
Contribution of glutamatergic signaling to nitrosative stress-induced protein misfolding in normal brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases
Oxidative stress and aberrant signaling in aging and cognitive decline
Loss of stem cell regenerative capacity within aged niches
Telomere restoration and extension of proliferative lifespan in dyskeratosis congenita fibroblasts
Testing the ‘free radical theory of aging’ hypothesis
A novel role of peroxin PEX6