Aging Cell– the Cowen era
Mitochondrial function and apoptotic susceptibility in aging skeletal muscle
Remarkable longevity and stress resistance of nematode PI3K-null mutants
Defects in telomere maintenance molecules impair osteoblast differentiation and promote osteoporosis
Mitochondrially encoded cysteine predicts animal lifespan
Amyloid β-peptide 31–35-induced neuronal apoptosis is mediated by caspase-dependent pathways via cAMP-dependent protein kinase A activation
Age-dependent accumulation of lipofuscin in perivascular and subretinal microglia in experimental mice
Black tea polyphenols mimic insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 signalling to the longevity factor FOXO1a
Age-associated loss of Sirt1-mediated enhancement of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in beta cell-specific Sirt1-overexpressing (BESTO) mice
Delayed kinetics of DNA double-strand break processing in normal and pathological aging
Dynamic regulation of PGC-1α localization and turnover implicates mitochondrial adaptation in calorie restriction and the stress response
Oestradiol or genistein rescues neurons from amyloid beta-induced cell death by inhibiting activation of p38