Novel role of aquaporin-4 in CD4+ CD25+ T regulatory cell development and severity of Parkinson's disease
Preservation of femoral bone thickness in middle age predicts survival in genetically heterogeneous mice
Age-dependent remodelling of ionotropic signalling in cortical astroglia
Interaction between 24-hydroxycholesterol, oxidative stress, and amyloid-β in amplifying neuronal damage in Alzheimer's disease: three partners in crime
Phenylbutyric acid reduces amyloid plaques and rescues cognitive behavior in AD transgenic mice
Nitrite supplementation reverses vascular endothelial dysfunction and large elastic artery stiffness with aging
Regulation of longevity by regulator of G-protein signaling protein, Loco
Transplantation of young ovaries restored cardioprotective influence in postreproductive-aged mice
Cellular aging leads to functional heterogeneity of hematopoietic stem cells: a modeling perspective
Phenotypic and gene expression modification with normal brain aging in GFAP-positive astrocytes and neural stem cells
The arcuate nucleus and neuropeptide Y contribute to the antitumorigenic effect of calorie restriction
MnSOD deficiency results in elevated oxidative stress and decreased mitochondrial function but does not lead to muscle atrophy during aging
Celecoxib extends C. elegans lifespan via inhibition of insulin-like signaling but not cyclooxygenase-2 activity
Absence of association of a single-nucleotide polymorphism in the TERT-CLPTM1L locus with age-related phenotypes in a large multicohort study: the HALCyon programme
Trade-off in the effects of the apolipoprotein E polymorphism on the ages at onset of CVD and cancer influences human lifespan
Age-related changes in human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells
Increased serum IGF-1 levels protect the musculoskeletal system but are associated with elevated oxidative stress markers and increased mortality independent of tissue igf1 gene expression
Impaired IGF1R signaling in cells expressing longevity-associated human IGF1R alleles
The NIA Interventions Testing Program Announces the 2011 Solicitation of Proposals