Sex differences in telomeres and lifespan
Vaccination-induced changes in human B-cell repertoire and pneumococcal IgM and IgA antibody at different ages
Modulation of reactive oxygen species in skeletal muscle by myostatin is mediated through NF-κB
Oncogenes induce senescence with incomplete growth arrest and suppress the DNA damage response in immortalized cells
Age-related decline in osteoblastogenesis and 1α-hydroxylase/CYP27B1 in human mesenchymal stem cells: stimulation by parathyroid hormone
Ovariectomy in grasshoppers increases somatic storage, but proportional allocation of ingested nutrients to somatic tissues is unchanged
The H3K27 demethylase UTX-1 regulates C. elegans lifespan in a germline-independent, insulin-dependent manner
A model of canine leukocyte telomere dynamics
Ablation of ghrelin receptor reduces adiposity and improves insulin sensitivity during aging by regulating fat metabolism in white and brown adipose tissues
Stem cell depletion in Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome
pkc-1 regulates daf-2 insulin/IGF signalling-dependent control of dauer formation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Habitually exercising older men do not demonstrate age-associated vascular endothelial oxidative stress
Smurf2-mediated ubiquitination and degradation of Id1 regulates p16 expression during senescence
Alterations in intrinsic mitochondrial function with aging are fiber type-specific and do not explain differential atrophy between muscles
Alteration in N -glycomics during mouse aging: a role for FUT8
Conserved cysteine residues in the mammalian lamin A tail are essential for cellular responses to ROS generation
Post-transcriptional regulation of IGF1R by key microRNAs in long–lived mutant mice
Sir2 deletion prevents lifespan extension in 32 long-lived mutants
Aging Cell Prize for Best Paper 2010