RNA-seq of the aging brain in the short-lived fish N. furzeri – conserved pathways and novel genes associated with neurogenesis
Identification of serum sirtuins as novel noninvasive protein markers for frailty
Specific suppression of insulin sensitivity in growth hormone receptor gene-disrupted (GHR-KO) mice attenuates phenotypic features of slow aging
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ATF4 activity: a common feature shared by many kinds of slow-aging mice
Growth hormone signaling is necessary for lifespan extension by dietary methionine
Age-associated reduction of cellular spreading/mechanical force up-regulates matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression and collagen fibril fragmentation via c-Jun/AP-1 in human dermal fibroblasts
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Astrocytic metabolic and inflammatory changes as a function of age
Associations between age and gray matter volume in anatomical brain networks in middle-aged to older adults
Dietary restriction involves NAD+-dependent mechanisms and a shift toward oxidative metabolism
Exome sequencing of three cases of familial exceptional longevity
Increased Lipocalin-2 in the retinal pigment epithelium of Cryba1 cKO mice is associated with a chronic inflammatory response