Renal function and cardiovascular events during antihypertensive treatment in elderly patients

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Evaluation of: Hayashi K, Saruta T, Goto Y, Ishii M; JATOS Study Group: Impact of renal function on cardiovascular events in elderly hypertensive patients treated with efonidipine.Hypertens. Res.33(11), 1211–1220 (2010). Antihypertensive therapy with efonidipine-based regimens increased estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) throughout the trial period in elderly patients with hypertension in both strict- and mild-treatment groups. The incidence of cardiovascular events was higher in patients with proteinuria than in those without proteinuria at baseline, while disappearance of proteinuria during antihypertensive therapy was closely associated with a reduced incidence of cardiovascular events. Furthermore, cardiovascular event rate was increased in patients with greater declines in eGFR during the study period of 2 years, although baseline eGFR did not correlate with the incidence of cardiovascular events. These findings have implications for therapeutic strategies in treating hypertension with regard to renal protection and cardiovascular events in elderly hypertensive patients.

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