A clinico-pathological study of postcoital bleeding

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To undertake a clinical study of postcoital bleeding (PCB) in a district general hospital we retrospectively reviewed the records of 248 patients referred to the gynaecology department over a 5-year period.


63% were in the 21-40-year age group and 80% were multiparous. Seventy per cent were referred to the gynaecology out patients' clinic and 28% to the colposcopy clinic. Associated symptoms included menstrual abnormalities (39%) and dyspareunia (13%). Twenty per cent had benign polyps, including endometrial polyps and 25% had cervical ectropion. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia was detected in 6.8% of cases. There was no case of invasive cancer of the lower genital tract.


This is the first report of associated endometrial polyps contributing to PCB. We conclude that CIN may not always be asymptomatic and the incidence of cervical or endometrial cancer is low in women with PCB.

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