From the editor
Just small potatoes (and ulluco)? The use of seed-size variation in “native commercialized” agriculture and agrobiodiversity conservation among Peruvian farmers
The effects of the industrialization of US livestock agriculture on promoting sustainable production practices
The cultural model of “the good farmer” and the environmental question in Finland
Foundations of production and consumption of organic food in Norway : Common attitudes among farmers and consumers?
An investigation into the transition from technological to ecological rice farming among resource poor farmers from the Philippine island of Bohol
Associations between self-reported health conscious consumerism, body-mass index, and attitudes about sustainably produced foods
Experiences and perspectives of farmers from Upstate New York farmers' markets
Land-Grant Universities and Extension into the 21st Century : Renegotiating or Abandoning a Social Contract. By George R. McDowell
Books received
Affluenza : The All-Consuming Epidemic. By John De Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor