From the guest editors
Folklore and popular conceptions regarding the fauna of a wetland area on the Caribbean coast of Columbia
Nature and domestic life in the Valle del Cuñapirú (Misiones, Argentina)
Endogenous knowledge and practice regarding the environment in a Nahua community in Mexico
Latin American ethnopedology
Symbolic and political ecology among contemporary Nez Perce Indians in Idaho, USA
Ladino and Q'eqchí Maya land use and land clearing in the Sierra de Lacandón National Park, Petén, Guatemala
Permanent vs. shifting cultivation in the Eastern Woodlands of North America prior to European contact
Sub-irrigation in wetland agriculture
Ancient use and manipulation of landscape in the Yalahau region of the northern Maya lowlands
The ecological basis of the indigenous Nahua agriculture in the sixteenth century
Burning monkey-puzzle
Modeling the tropical wetland landscape and adaptations
Population nucleation, intensive agriculture, and environmental degradation
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