Resource competition across the crop-tree interface in a maize-silver maple temperate alley cropping stand in Missouri
Diversity and abundance of carabid beetles in short-rotation plantings of sweetgum, maize and switchgrass in Alabama
Nutritive quality and morphological development under partial shade of some forage species with agroforestry potential
Effects of shelter tubes on hardwood tree establishment in western Oregon silvopastures
Establishing trees in an Appalachian silvopasture
Microclimate of a natural pasture under planted Robinia pseudoacacia in central Appalachia, West Virginia
Factors affecting a sheep vegetation management system in British Columbia, Canada
A financial analysis of a silvopasture system in southern Mississippi
Retention of leaf litter in streams from riparian plantings in southern Ontario, Canada
Projecting the bird community response resulting from the adoption of shelterbelt agroforestry practices in Eastern Nebraska
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