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Cloning of elite, multipurpose trees of the Prosopis juliflora/pallida complex in Piura, Peru
Vegetative propagation of Prunus africana
A seedling inoculation test for screening Sesbania sesban for resistance to the seedling defoliator, Mesoplatys ochroptera
Management of pigeon pea in short fallows for crop-livestock production systems in the Guinea savanna zone of northern Ghana
Millet production under pruned tree crowns in a parkland system in Burkina Faso
Coffee yields and soil nutrients under the shades of Inga sp. vs. multiple species in Chiapas, Mexico
The forest garden system of Saparua island, Central Maluku, Indonesia, and its role in maintaining tree species diversity
Productivity of four sesbania species on two soil types in Ethiopia
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State of the World's Forests, 2001
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