Agroforestry parkland systems in sub-Saharan Africa
Size class distribution and spatial pattern of Vitellaria paradoxa in relation to farmers' practices in Mali
Fine root distribution of pruned trees and associated crops in a parkland system in Burkina Faso
Comparative water use by dryland trees in Parklands in Senegal
Mistletoes of the agroforestry parklands of Burkina Faso
Vertebrate and insect pests and hemi-parasitic plants of Parkia biglobosa and Vitellaria paradoxa in Nigeria
An analysis of the pattern of genetic variation in Vitellaria paradoxa using RAPD markers
Germplasm resources of Vitellaria paradoxa based on variations in fat composition across the species distribution range
Leafing, flowering and fruiting of Vitellaria paradoxa subsp. nilotica in savanna parklands in Uganda
Vegetative propagation of Vitellaria paradoxa by grafting