Carbon sequestration in a tropical landscape
Analysis of joint and endogenous technology choice for protein supplementation by smallholder dairy farmers in Zimbabwe
Tree planting in Tigray, Ethiopia
An improved low-input method for establishing calliandra hedgerows on small-scale farms in western Kenya
Root recovery of five tropical tree and shrub species by sieves of different mesh sizes
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the rhizosphere of Macaranga denticulata Muell. Arg., and their effect on the host plant
Vegetative propagation of Ziziphus mauritiana var. Gola by micrografting and its potential for dissemination in the Sahelian Zone
Plant growth, biomass production and nutrient accumulation by slash/mulch agroforestry systems in tropical hillsides of Colombia
Dynamics of Particulate Organic Matter following biomass addition from fallow-improvement species in southern Mali
Modelling species and spacing effects on root zone water dynamics using Hydrus-2D in an Amazonian agroforestry system
Microclimate in agroforestry systems in central Amazonia
Estimating root mass in young hybrid poplar trees using the electrical capacitance method
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