Agroforestry and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
Hardwood silvopasture management in North America
Riparian forest buffers in agroecosystems - lessons learned from the Bear Creek Watershed, central Iowa, USA
Short-rotation woody crops and phytoremediation
Windbreaks in North American agricultural systems
Organic farming and agroforestry
Mechanized land preparation in forest-based fallow systems
Medicinal and aromatic plants in agroforestry systems
Forest gardens as an ‘intermediate’ land-use system in the nature-culture continuum
The enigma of tropical homegardens
Nature vs. nurture
Tree domestication in tropical agroforestry
Managing biological and genetic diversity in tropical agroforestry
Why extensive research and development did not promote use of peach palm fruit in Latin America
Exploiting the potential of indigenous agroforestry trees
Ecological interactions, management lessons and design tools in tropical agroforestry systems
Interspecific interactions in temperate agroforestry
Ecology of tree intercropping systems in the North temperate region
Agroforestry as an approach to minimizing nutrient loss from heavily fertilized soils
Carbon sequestration
Agroforestry development
Adoption of agroforestry innovations in the tropics
Scaling up the impact of agroforestry
Trees of prosperity
Building opportunities for small-farm agroforestry to supply domestic wood markets in developing countries
Markets and marketing strategies for agroforestry specialty products in North America
Peasants, agroforesters, and anthropologists
Computer-based tools for decision support in agroforestry
Anthropogenic grasslands in Southeast Asia
Agroforestry research for development in India
Public/private partnerships in agroforestry
List of reviewers
Subject Index Volume 61-62 2004