Scaffold/Extracellular Matrix Hybrid Constructs for Bone-Tissue Engineering

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The limited natural ability of the body to fully repair large bone defects often necessitates the implantation of a replacement material to promote healing. While the current clinical strategies to address such bone defects generally carry associated limitations, bone-tissue engineering approaches seek to minimize any adverse effects and facilitate complete regeneration of the lost tissue. Of particular interest are hybrid constructs that incorporate multiple components found within the native bone matrix to enhance the osteogenicity of biocompatible materials, which might otherwise be non-osteogenic. This Progress Report will focus on such hybrid constructs that incorporate multiple components from native bone matrix for bone-tissue engineering and will highlight the synthesis and characterization of the hybrid constructs, cellular attachment and proliferation within the constructs, in vitro osteogenicity of the constructs, and the biological response to in vivo implantation of the constructs at ectopic and orthotopic sites.

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